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Seminar: From crises to crises: How is EU's democracy?

06.03.2013 14:30 — 06.03.2013 17:00
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Malminkatu 16

Welcome to discuss and debate on the state of European democracy!

Citizens in Finland as well as elsewhere in Europe feel themselves powerless in front of the ongoing euro crises. The crises has shown that EU needs new answers for its future. But what kind of answers? Do we need more integration and common fiscal policy to EU or should Finland return back to our own currency and independence? How could we strengthen EU’s democracy and citizens’ involvement? Should we give people chance to vote again about the membership in the EU?

Time: Wednesday 6th of March 2013

Venue: Eurooppasali, Malminkatu 16, Helsinki


14.30-15.00 Coffee

15.00-15.05 Welcome, Maria Ohisalo, Spokesperson of Federation of Green Youth and Students

15.05-15.35 Keynote speech: My view on Europe and democracy, Rolf Büchi, researcher

15.35-16.00 Comments: Satu Haapanen, Member of Parliament (Green) and Samuli Virtanen, Secretary for International Affairs of The Finns Party Parlamentary Group

16.00-17.00 Panel discussion: How should European democracy be improved?

The language of the seminar is English. The seminar is organized by The Green Cultural and Educational Centre Visio, Federation of Young European Greens FYEG, Greens/EFA of the European Parliament and Federation of Green Youth and Students - ViNO ry.